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PURIFICATION film has a sales agent

We’re excited to inform that Imagicus Academy LLC, as a Producer of PURIFICATION poetic documentary film, signed an agreement and now the American Side Street Studios sales company will be in charge of representing our film as a Sales Agent.

Side Street Studios is a Brooklyn based film company specializing in Film Sales and Promotion. The motto of the company states: “Where the artist comes first”, and this it has created a common understanding between 2 teams. The co-founder of SSS – John Fessler who worked for PwC, Grace Global Capital, J.P. Morgan and HBO, becomes a part of our team.

While attending Pace University, Fessler worked as a production assistant and an associate producer on an award-winning short film.  Fessler connects films, actors and producers from festivals like TIFF, Tribeca, SXSW and Cannes to distributors. Side Street Studios has represented over 15 successful films such as Echo Boomers starring Michael Shannon and Patrick Schwarzenegger as well as Reggie with Gary Busey among numerous others.

PURIFICATION is a poetic documentary film by Seg Kirakossian shot within 10 years in more than 15 countries. The budget of the film is approximately 500.000 Euros and it’s an Armenian-Luxembourgian co-production.

sales agent side street studios

We’re excited to welcome Side Street Studios and John Fessler to our team and looking forward to new distribution agreements prior to the film premiere.