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The official trailer of Seg Kirakossian‘s poetic documentary film “PURIFICATION” has been published. It was shot within 10 years in more than 15 countries. The budget of the film is approximately 500.000 Euros and it’s an Armenian-Luxembourgian co-production.

Purification tells about relations between nature and man, about harmony and contradictions. The protagonist is the generalized character of humanity, the actions are taking place in a metaphorical way in different stages of human evolution. The message of the film is: technological and creative development is useful unless the rapacity dominates man. The movie has a certain storyline consisting of 7 chapters: Creation; Appearance; Work; Rest; Rapacity; Disappearance; Rebirth and Purification.

Despite the film touches on different issues, but it can be considered an intellectual attraction as it will make the audience to get happy, scared and sad, to admire and abhor, enjoy and think, it will provoke. The Luxembourgish co-producer is Tatev Margaryan.

The materials of full-length “PURIFICATION” are pure documentary, shot by Seg Kirakossian in Switzerland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Sweden, Turkey, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, UK, Bulgaria etc. There is no staging or acting, the author captured whatever managed, but during the editing the shots lost their documentary nature and got a new meaning.

Currently, the film is in late-production, early post-production stages. The premiere is planned to be held in the second half of 2021. A significant portion of the budget is realized in the production stage. For the rest, it’s expected to get support from film funds, businesses, international organizations, as well as from art lovers’ worldwide community. The crew is open to involving people with art desire in the creative process through volunteering, logistical support or fundraising which will take place in the near future.

David Safarian, a producer and a film director with an international distribution experience, learned about the script and materials of the film and is sure that PURIFICATION bets to bring Armenian cinema on the world-class cinema again: “We’ll hear a lot about this film from all over the world as the audience will have a desire to watch the film again to open new layers of the film. They will definitely advise friends to watch the film too – that’s the old, checked and successful way of the film advertisement”.

Link to the trailer:

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