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The Armenian State Symphonic Orchestra (ASSO) has thrown its weight behind the “PURIFICATION” project, marking a noteworthy step in fostering artistic innovation.

The Trilateral Agreement was signed between the rector of the University of Luxembourg Prof. Dr. Jens Kreisel, Director of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra Sargis Balbabyan and the video artist, film-director Seg Kirakossian. This collaboration holds crucial significance in safeguarding the implementers from potential copyright challenges, ensuring that the creative project remains free from legal constraints.

The core of the “Watch a Film With Your Music” project centers on reshaping the way audiences engage with films. The multidisciplinary scientific project is being guided by Ms. Sana Nouzri and will be presented to the audience as soon as the results will be satisfying both for scientific group and Seg Kirakossian. Short films derived from “PURIFICATION,” stripped of sound, will invite visitors to the AI & ART pavilion to engage with the visual narrative through physical expressions. These movements then serve as the foundation for an AI-generated musical composition, capturing the emotions evoked by the visuals. The newly composed musical pieces are expected to integrate into the full-length documentary film “PURIFICATION”.

The inclusion of the Armenian State Symphonic Orchestra, under the special care of conductor Sergey Smbatyan, exemplifies how a shared vision and cross-disciplinary cooperation can reshape the boundaries of artistic expression.

The film Purification in Luxembourg is supported by Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg a.s.b.l.

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